Amazon has ceased sales of all Apple TV hardware

New Apple TV

Earlier this month, it was reported that Amazon had plans to stop sales of the Apple TV hardware. Now, sure enough, that has indeed come to fruition.

As noted by 9to5Mac, the Apple TV is no longer being sold on Amazon’s website, whether that’s from Amazon directly or from third-party sellers. It is, perhaps, not a coincidence that the Apple TV has officially gone on sale at Apple’s retail stores, and will start showing up in other retailers like Best Buy, soon, as well.

As for the reason why Amazon pulled the Apple TV, and even Google’s Chromecast, is the company’s hope that it can avoid “customer confusion” with devices that are sold by Amazon, but do not provide access to Amazon’s streaming video service, Prime Video. It’s no secret that Apple hasn’t had a Prime Video app on its Apple TV, while the app has been available for iOS for quite some time now.

As a result of pulling the hardware, looking for an Apple TV only directs Amazon shoppers to other streaming boxes, including, of course, Amazon’s own offerings with the Fire TV Stick and Fire TV. For those that might need Apple TV accessories, though, those are still available, including Apple TV remotes (sold directly by Apple).

At this point, it appears that if Apple wants to get the Apple TV back on Amazon’s digital store shelves, they’ll have to offer an Prime Video. It’s not clear why Amazon hasn’t launched its video streaming service on Apple’s set-top box up until this point, but considering tvOS and its focus on apps, especially many mirroring those available on iOS, it seems at least possible that a Prime Video app could eventually see the light of day.

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