AT&T subscribers can now use Wi-Fi Calling

AT&T Wi-Fi Calling available

Back when iOS 9 was still in beta, some users were able to access Wi-Fi Calling, while others were kept waiting.

Even after iOS 9 launched, some AT&T subscribers were left wanting more as the Big Blue carrier had to delay support for Wi-Fi Calling as it waited for a waiver from the FCC. On October 6 AT&T finally earned that waiver, but at the time didn’t have an expected launch date for Wi-Fi Calling.

Turns out, the wait wasn’t that long, as a report from MacRumors, and citing individual cases of AT&T users seeing the feature going live within the publication’s forums, it’s now available.

As a refresher, Wi-Fi Calling does exactly what the name suggests: Users can make calls over a Wi-Fi connection if their cellular connection is not strong enough. It works similar to AT&T’s M-Cell, or in the same way as Apple’s FaceTime Audio, which routes to a Wi-Fi Connection when available.

To get it working, AT&T subscribers need to have AT&T HD Voice features enabled, and a connection to the Internet is obviously required for the feature to work. As it stands right now, Wi-Fi Calling is available in the United States, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. There’s no extra charge to use it by default, but long distance calling will be charged at AT&T’s normal rate.

Finally, to turn on Wi-Fi Calling, head into Settings –> Phone and then toggling Wi-Fi Calling on. Once the user does that, there’s onscreen instructions to follow through set-up procedures, which includes inputting an emergency 911 address. You can also follow this handy guide.

After it’s all said and done, users have been reporting that they’ve received notifications that the feature will go live after an “activation period” completes, but there’s no word on how long that is.

Do you plan on setting up Wi-Fi Calling?

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