CBS CEO echoes possibility of reaching a streaming TV deal with Apple

CBS CEO Les Moonves

The Apple TV is getting refreshed soon, with all new hardware and features, but many people are still talking about something that isn’t quite official yet: Apple’s streaming TV plans.

While Apple already has plenty of projects, including a new wearable, and even rumors of a car that refuse to go away, speculations run amok regarding Apple’s future plans for TV. Now, once again, the rumors will fire back up, as, based on a report from Bloomberg, the CEO of CBS, Les Moonves, told Bloomberg TV that his company will “probably” finalize a deal with Apple regarding its streaming TV service:

“Apple is having conversations with everyone about doing their own streaming services,” Moonves said in an interview Wednesday on Bloomberg TV. “We have had those conversations, as have the other networks. Do I think something will happen? Probably, but I do not know when.”

Interestingly enough, this isn’t the first time that CBS’s Moonves has made comments about Apple’s future plans. Back in May of this year, during the Code Conference hosted by Re/code, Moonves said it was probable that CBS would ink a deal with Apple that would see the company be a launch partner for the streaming TV service. Back then, Moonves said that the conversations were ongoing, and, based on this latest report, it would seem like those conversations are still underway.

As it stands, Apple’s streaming TV option was originally rumored to launch in 2015, with some believing Apple was gearing up to unveil the service alongside the Apple TV 4 set-top box. However, Apple was unsuccessful in securing all of the deals it needed, or wanted, in launching the product it wanted, so the service was delayed into 2016. It’s believed that Apple is looking to price the package at $30 to $40 per month, which, according to past reports, hasn’t sat well with some distributors or companies.

If Apple is indeed gearing up to launch a streaming TV service, would you consider signing up for it?

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