Google’s Chrome for iPad updated with support for Split View, Picture-in-Picture, and more

Chrome for iPad Slide Over

Chrome for iPad users have something to look forward to as Google updates the app to support plenty of iOS 9-specific features.

With the update, which Google released on October 22, it brings Chrome for iPad up to version 46.0.2490.73 and with it, plenty of new features that should make users happy. That includes support for the iPad-specific features like Picture-in-Picture mode, which will let users shrink the video playing within Chrome and let them use other apps, such as those being utilized with Split View. Slide Over also works with the updated Chromed for iPad.

The new software also includes better support for “RTL,” or Right-to-Left languages. Chrome for iPad had already been updated recently to support iOS 9 in general, but this latest update brings with it all the multitasking elements that many users look forward to.

A link to Chrome is below to download the free app.


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