First batch of Apple TV 4 units start shipping out to customers


Apple has started notifying customers that their Apple TV 4 has been shipped to them. The update comes less than 24 hours after the shipment status was updated to “Preparing for Shipment.”

Most customers who have received the notification live in Australia, where it is already October 29. It is likely that customers in the U.S. who pre-ordered Apple TV 4 through Apple will receive a similar notification later today.

Customers who selected 1-day shipping should be able to get their hands on Apple TV 4 by October 30, while those who selected the standard shipping option should expect it to be delivered next week. Reports also indicate that Apple will start selling the fourth generation Apple TV through its retail store in the U.S. from October 30.

With the first batch of Apple TV 4 making their way to customers on October 30, expect a barrage of apps and games for Apple TV 4 to show up on the new tvOS App Store.

Has your Apple TV 4 shipment status changed to shipped or is it still stuck at “Preparing for shipment”?

[Via MacRumors]