How to convert Live Photos into a GIF on your iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus

Live Photos are a really nice addition to iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. Taking a regular image and animating it, just add a little touch of awesomeness. We’ve already shown you how to take, view, and share Live Photos. And we have also shown you how to convert Live Photos into still images. But now, we are going to go over how to convert a Live Photo into your own internet ready GIF.

How to convert Live Photos into a GIF on your iPhone 6s

All Live Photos are a combination JPEG and MOV file. Your camera records 1.5 seconds before and after you take a picture, creating a mini-video that Apple has dubbed, Live Photos. Naturally, folks want to share these animated images through non-iPhone related channels, like Facebook, Twitter, and blogs. But, the process for creating a GIF from a Live Photo is simple enough.

Converting Live Photos on your computer

  1. Plug-in your device using the USB cable that it came with.
  2. Open Image Capture if you are on a Mac. For Windows users, try using Photos.
  3. Find the Live Photo that you want. You will see a JPEG and a MOV file taken at the exact same time. Select the MOV file and save it to your Desktop for easy access.image capture
  4. Open your GIF making program (GIF Brewery is a popular choice) or use an online site like MakeaGIF.
  5. For MakeaGIF, drag the MOV file from your desktop into the upload section. Upload - GIF
  6. After it finishes uploading, you’ll need to set the content level (18+ or Everyone) and then you can download or share your newly created GIF.
Gif - Makeagif

Turning a Live Photo into a GIF without a computer

There are plenty of GIF making apps in the App Store, but most of these only turn still photos into animated GIFs. I know that developers will offer a solid option to turn Live Photos in animated GIFs directly from your iPhone soon enough.

What method do you use for creating animated GIFs? Let us know in the comment section.