How to create nested folders in iOS 9

Nested folders in iOS 9

With Apple’s latest iOS 9 releases, a glitch that allows users to create nested folders has returned. This gives you the ability to place folders inside of other folders on the home screen, and it’s incredibly simple to setup. Here’s what you need to do.

Note that while this trick is simple, it can be fiddly, so you might have to attempt it a few times before you get it right. Before you follow the steps below, ensure you have already created the folders you want to use on your home screen.

  1. Place your primary folder — the one you wish to put your second folder into — in the top right hand corner of the screen (the fourth column of the first row of icons)
  2. Place your secondary folder
  3. Tap and hold an icon or folder to begin moving them around
  4. Tap and hold your second folder and slowly move it towards the edge of the display while you use another finger to tap your primary folder continually

Before the second folder moves onto a different page, the first folder should open up, allowing you to place the second folder inside it. Again, it can take a few attempts, but it does work. The video below demonstrates the trick in action.

We’re not totally certain that you need to put your primary folder in the top right corner, but this is the position we’ve had the most success with. Bear in mind that if you restart your device, your nested folder will return to the home screen, and you’ll need to perform this trick again.

It’s pretty incredible that users find these glitches inside iOS; it must take forever playing around with icons and folders and gestures to discover them. It makes me wonder how many other cool glitches there are that go unnoticed.

[via videosdebarraquito]