iFixit tears down the iPhone 6s display to investigate 3D Touch

iPhone 6s display teardown

Soon after the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus became available, the crew at iFixit managed to disassemble them and note some of the changes Apple made to the newest flagship devices.

However, there is more to find out, apparently, as the folks have decided to go ahead and put the iPhone 6s through yet another teardown, but this time focus entirely on the phone’s display. Of course, Apple used some different technology in this new display, which is equipped with 3D Touch, so the possibilities of discovery are high.

There are 12 steps in the process, but iFixit decided not to include a proper repairability score as they typically do, saying, “This teardown will not feature a repairability score—the process for disassembling and reassembling a fused smartphone display is something best left to the pros and their very specialized (and awesome) tools.” The final 13th step actually shows the eight different layers that Apple put together to create the new display.

iPhone 6s display teardown2

In the end, the discovers were certainly there. The teardown revealed that the 3D Touch sensor is actually installed on the very back of the display panel, which they say actually makes it very easy to remove it from the backlight, digitizer glass, and display itself. On top of that, the Home button cable has actually been replaced by traces that can be found along the sides of the 3D Touch sensor panel, which means there’s no need to transfer the cable in some display repairs.

Finally, the last find deals with the new sensor plates:

“The sensor panel is a grid of rectangular capacitor plates, connected to the controller IC by very tiny traces. These plates would be huge for a touch sensor—luckily their job isn’t to pinpoint your fingertip on the screen, as the in-screen digitizer will still handle that. These sensors measure the distance to your finger, equating to the force of a press through pliable glass.”

There’s simply no denying that Apple shoved a lot of technology into the display of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, and the iFixit teardown reveals as much.

How are you liking 3D Touch so far?

[via iFixit]