iMovie for iOS updated to support 4K support for iPad Air 2 in iOS 9.1

iPad Air 2 K

Officially, iMovie for iOS was updated to support iOS 9 and 4K video back on September 16 of this year, but one iOS device was left out in the rain.

That has been rectified now, though, as Apple has just released an update to iMovie for iOS which brings the version to 2.2.1. With this update, Apple has aimed to fix several different bugs that cropped up with the last public release, as well as bring 4K support to the iPad Air 2. Specifically, the Air 2 models that are running iOS 9.1 can now share and edit 4K videos.

Here’s the full rundown from Apple:
What’s New

• Create and share movies at 4K resolution on iPad Air 2 with iOS 9.1*
• Fixes an issue that could prevent users from creating new trailers in some languages
• Resolves issues importing and removing projects from iCloud Drive
• Addresses interface issues that could appear in some right-to-left languages
• Addresses interface issues that could appear in iMovie extension for Photos
• Performance and stability improvements

* iMovie supports 4K on iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPad Air 2, and iPad Pro

If you don’t already have iMovie for iOS, there’s a link below to download the $4.99 app.


  • iMovie for iOS — $4.99