Magic Trackpad 2, new Magic Keyboard, and Magic Mouse 2 receive the teardown treatment; earn 3 of 10 in repairability score

Magic Trackpad 2

Three days ago, Apple launched a series of new accessories, all of which improve upon design and functionality from the devices in which they replace.

Thanks to iFixit, the crew that manages to have a knack for tearing things down to find out how they tick and how easily they can be repaired, the new Magic Keyboard, Magic Mouse 2, and Magic Trackpad 2 have been torn apart and given the thorough look-through they deserve. What they discovered is pretty interesting, even if it’s not all that surprising.

First of all, the devices all share similar Bluetooth 3.0 chips from Broadcom (the BCM20733), which is interesting for the Magic Trackpad 2, seeing as that accessory needs a Bluetooth 4.0-equipped Mac to pair to it. On top of that, all three accessories use the same lithium-ion battery.

Magic Mouse 2 teardown

The Magic Mouse 2, according to iFixit, is pretty much identical to its predecessor, except for some key differences. For one, the lithium-ion battery has replaced the point of entry for the pair of AA batteries needed in the older model of the mouse. Interestingly enough, the Lightning port is actually on the bottom of the mouse, which, as many Mouse 2 owners will find out, makes charging and using the device impossible.

Magic Trackpad 2 teardown

The Magic Trackpad 2 features the same Force Touch technology that’s present on the 12-inch MacBook and Retina MacBook Pro models, including the same Taptic Engine and the same four-strain gauges to measure the pressure applied on the accessory.

new Magic Keyboard teardown

As for the new Magic Keyboard, it features a similar keyboard layout and profile as the 12-inch MacBook, but instead of the laptop’s butterfly key switches, the new Magic Keyboard boasts the familiar scissor mechanism. The new keys have only a single millimeter of travel, and users will notice that they press down completely flat like the 12-inch MacBook’s keyboard.

As far as the repairability score goes, iFixit gave each of the devices a 3 out of 10 score.

Do you plan on picking up any of the new accessories?

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