Add recent calls to your iPhone’s Notification Center with this jailbreak tweak

Everyone misses a call from time to time. No matter how diligent you are or how loud your ringer is, it’s going to happen. I am always looking to add usefulness to the Notification Center; and having a way to view all my recent, incoming and outgoing calls would be one of those useful features. Thanks to a little research, it looks like there is a way to do exactly that.

Add recent calls to your iPhone’s Notification Center

If you have a jailbroken device you can add recent calls right into your Notification Center. Head over to Cydia and download Recents 2. The app is free to download but you will have to pay $1.49 in order for the tweak to actually work. Not sure why the developer chose to remove the payment option from Cydia, but that’s just a heads up.

Recents 2

After your device Resprings, head into Settings and find Recents 2 in the menu. Here is where you will enable and disable the features. I left all the features default, and I have enjoyed the results, so that would be my suggestion for you.

Recents 2 Menu

You can choose to buy the license under the Miscellaneous section, but I will be using the alternative in this guide. So, after reviewing all the information, pull down your Notification Center.

You’ll notice that a Recents tab has been added to the default sections Today and Notifications. If you have not purchased the tweak you can do so by tapping Recents and hitting Buy.

Buy Now Recents 2

Hitting the buy button will open up Safari and take you to the developer’s link where you can pay the $1.49. Once you have paid the balance Recents 2 is now available for use. If you head back into the Miscellaneous section of in the app’s menu you will see your new license information as well. With Recents 2 you can of course view all recent incoming, outgoing, and missed calls right from the Notification Center. If you tap on the contact name it will automatically dial the given number. If you select the dial pad icon you can go ahead and dial a number right from within the Notification Center as well.

Dial - Recents 2

You can also remove calls from the log by tapping on the X and removing an item from the call history by tapping on the red delete button.

Delete - Recents 2

Recents 2 is a great productivity tweak, making is super easy to respond and view your call history. Never missing a call may be very hard to do, but using Recents 2 makes the entire process streamlined and easy to access.

Let us know what you think about Recents 2 in the comments section.

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