Apple Maps adds Foursquare to its sources for ‘Business Listings’ data

Apple Maps

Back in 2012, a rumor surfaced that Apple was working with Foursquare to bring the latter company’s local data information to Apple Maps.

While that rumor was early, it appears to be true to a certain extent. According to a new report, Apple has indeed added Foursquare to its list of contributors to data utilized by the Cupertino-based company’s maps app. While it’s unknown just what type of data Foursquare is providing, it’s likely targeted on storefronts, restaurants, and other shops.

According to information put together by Apple Maps Marketing, which is a site that keeps its eye on Apple Maps partners, the deal with Foursquare is recent, and the company was only put on Apple’s list of contributors as of October 22 of this year.

Foursquare, for its part, continues to be an service with an app that aims to find the “best places to eat, drink, shop, or visit in any city in the world.”

Do you still use Foursquare?

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