Apple now rumored to begin using OLED displays in 2018

Apple iPhone 6s - stylish and beautiful

The future of Apple’s displays seems to be a hot topic as of late, and the trend continues with another report suggesting a shift is in the works.

According to Japanese website Nikkei, Apple will begin using OLED displays by 2018. The report indicates that the Cupertino-based company is already preparing its manufacturing partners, including LG Display, in terms of the shift in display technology. It goes on to say that LG and Samsung will have a big stake in the manufacturing of these displays:

“Samsung Electronics is currently the only company that can reliably mass-produce OLED smartphone screens. LG Display has a track record for producing OLEDs for television screens. Given this, the two companies will likely supply a large portion of Apple’s displays.”

Interestingly enough, Apple won’t be completely ditching LCD when it transitions to OLED, though. The report highlights the manufacturing difficulties of OLED panels, while also pointing to the high volume in which iPhones need to be produced to match demand. As a result, it states that Apple will continue to use LCD screens alongside the OLED panels.

Each display type has its own benefit, and OLED has its strengths in promoting colors and sharper images, especially on a dark/black background. Apple has been rumored to be switching to OLED for many years now, including a report that surfaced in October of this year that suggested Samsung would be tapped to product the displays for Apple.

As it stands, Apple currently uses an OLED panel on the Apple Watch, so it’s not refusing to use the technology altogether.

The switch to OLED is still many years away, if it happens at all. Do you want to see Apple make this shift?

[via Nikkei]