Apple adds new ‘Shopping’ category to iOS App Store

App Store Shopping category

The App Store is a quick way to find apps that you need, and thanks to certain categories finding what a user is looking for can be easier than ever.

For those that want a way to find the easiest ways to shop from their iOS device, Apple is launching a new “Shopping” category for the iOS App Store that focuses on certain retailers, all of which support the company’s mobile payments option, Apple Pay. The new category is rolling out globally right now, and may not be appearing for everyone just yet, but it includes apps from Apple itself, Groupon, eBay, Target and others.

These apps, which promote sales, coupons and other deals were previously listed within the Lifestyle category, but now that Apple is sectioning them off into their own it should make finding them even easier.

There are already new sections within the category, including “Shop For Everything,” which then breaks things down even further into smaller categories, sectioning off apps that promote “Shop for Cozy,” “Shop for Gifts” and more. Another section includes “Save While You Shop,” which offers apps that are promoting deals on in-app offers.

What do you think of Apple’s new category?

[via TechCrunch]