How to check the battery level of your new Apple TV’s Siri Remote

New Apple TV

One of the cool things of the new Apple TV remote is that the Siri Remote or Apple TV Remote (depending on which country you bought it) can be charged with the Lightning cable as it comes with a rechargeable battery which according to Apple provides “months” of battery life on a single charge.

However, unlike the iPhone or iPad, the Apple TV 4’s user interface doesn’t have the status bar to display your Siri Remote’s battery level.

How to check Siri Remote’s battery level

Tap on the Home button on your Apple TV’s Siri Remote to go to the Home screen.

  • Launch the Settings app.
  • Use the Touchpad to swipe down to Remote and Devices and tap on it.
  • Then tap on Bluetooth.
  • Here you should see the battery indicator for your Siri Remote on this screen.
Siri Remote - Battery Level

You can charge your Siri Remote at any time by plugging it to your computer or a USB wall charger using a Lightning cable. You can use the Remote when you’re charging it up.

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