Some users experiencing issues with iOS 9.1 and connecting to the App Store, Apple Music, and more

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At the tail-end of 2014, an issue arose that saw many iOS users experiencing an inability to connect to the App Store, or any other Apple services through their Apple ID.

The fix, back then, was seemingly simple enough: Sign out and then sign back in through the App Store on the affected iOS device. However, it looks like many iOS users are experiencing the same issue with the recent release of iOS 9.1, despite the fact that iOS 9.1‘s release was meant to fix a similar issue many were facing in iOS 9.0.2. As one tipster points out, the simple fix of logging out and logging back in does nothing, and for many the issue has extended beyond just the App Store.

There are a growing number of threads from iOS users on the Apple Support Communities, many of which are focused on the fact that their Apple ID seems unusable on their iOS device. As many users point out, accessing Game Center, the App Store, or even Apple Music. And for those that were successful in logging out on their device, they aren’t able to sign back in at all, rendering the iPhone or iPad useless as it can’t access their Apple ID.

Some have been able to reboot their devices, reset them, and nothing is working in their case. Some users are able to sign back into the App Store after they’ve signed out, however, the Store doesn’t show any past purchases, updates to installed apps, or sometimes freezes the device.

Some can use Game Center, but not Apple Music or the App Store. Others can still access Apple Music, but the App Store and Game Center are inaccessible, while other variations of accessibility exist as well.

The consensus between those affected by the issue is upgrading to iOS 9.1, with many of them saying that they didn’t have the issue running iOS 9.0.2. Up until just recently the fix appeared to be downgrading to iOS 9.0.2, but Apple has recently halted signing that particular release, so that’s not possible.

As of this writing, Apple hasn’t said anything regarding the issue. You can find out more through the Apple Support Community page right here. You can also check our post for some solutions to fix the issue, but they didn’t seem to work for Kurt, our reader who reported the issue.

Are you experiencing this problem?

[Thanks, Kurt!]