iOS 9 adoption rate climbs to 66%

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As per the latest data released by Apple, iOS 9 is now running on 66% of iOS devices out there. Soon after it officially released iOS 9, Apple had announced that it had the fastest adoption rate ever for an iOS release.

The company had noted in its release that iOS 9 was already running on more than 50 percent iOS devices out there. Since then though, iOS 9 adoption rate has slowed down a bit. More than 1.5 months later, the OS is now running on 66% of iOS devices out there for the period ending November 2, 2015. This is still higher than iOS 8 which managed to achieve an adoption rate of 64 percent only by late December.

iOS 9 adoption rate November

Despite being very buggy and unstable, iOS 8 continues to run 25% of iOS devices out there, while previous versions of the OS are running on 9% iOS devices in the wild.

Apple released the first major update to iOS 9 — iOS 9.1 — a couple of weeks ago. The update brought with it a number of bug fixes, support for emoji unicode character set 7.0, improved performance and stability of system apps, and more. The company also released the second beta of iOS 9.2 to beta testers earlier today with some more bug fixes.