iPad mini 4 ranked with the best display against iPad Pro, iPad Air 2

DisplayMate iPad Pro lineup

DisplayMate has put together another display test between Apple’s latest iPad models, with the winner of the bunch coming in with the smallest screen.

The latest display shoot-out pits the iPad mini 4 against the iPad Air 2 and iPad Pro, two of which are Apple’s newest members of the iPad family, while the other has been around for awhile now. As is par for the course for DisplayMate’s tests, there are a variety of calibrated lab measurements to weigh in, and plenty of tests that have static images and moving video put on each of the tablet’s displays to test the quality of the panel.

The results show that the iPad mini for is “unquestionably the best and most accurate LCD tablet display we’ve ever tested,” and, despite the iPad Pro’s substantial 2732×2048 resolution, even beats out the biggest iPad to date. The iPad Pro, though, favored well enough, scoring between “excellent” and “very good” throughout the testing procedures. For iPad Air 2 owners, though, it shouldn’t be a surprise that the tablet released in 2014 performed a bit behind the iPad mini 4 and iPad Pro, even as it still ranked high enough in DisplayMate’s scores.

The iPad Pro did stand out in at least one area, though: true contrast ratio. In this test, the iPad Pro scored the highest when put against the iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 4, with the mini 4 scoring the lowest. Breaking it down, the mini 4 brought in a score of 967, with the iPad Air 2 set at 1,064 and the iPad Pro coming in with a high 1,631. That marks the iPad Pro as the highest rated LCD display that the publication has ever tested.

Screen reflectance saw all of the iPad units earning high rankings, but the iPad mini 4 once again earned top scores. The mini 4 earned a Reflectance score of 2.0, which is actually perfect according to DisplayMate’s tests. The iPad Air 2 came in at 2.5 percent, while the iPad Pro came in at 2.6 percent. DisplayMate also measured contrast while the display was under high ambient light, and once again the iPad mini 4 was the highest-rated tablet of the trio.

Color gamut is very important for displays, and for owners of the iPad mini 4, this is another area of victory. 100 percent is the best score that a tablet can receive, and the mini 4 earned a 101 percent rating. The iPad Air 2 came in second place, with a score of 105 percent. Finally, the iPad Pro ranked third with 107 percent. DisplayMate says that the bigger tablets oversaturate blues on the display. As far as color accuracy goes, the iPad mini 4 once again came out on top, with the iPad Pro in second and the iPad Air 2 rounding out the bottom.

The full breakdown can be found through the source link below. While the iPad mini 4 may have come out on top in the majority of tests, DisplayMate doesn’t shy away from saying that all three displays are plenty good. In fact, the tests show that each of the units are “unrivaled” when it comes to reflectance, so if you plan on reading on a tablet outside a lot, the iPads appear to be the best bet for this scenario.

Which iPad do you own?

[via DisplayMate]