Amazing iPhone 7 concept has a ‘fullscreen’ with no bezels

iPhone 7 fullscreen concept

The smaller the bezels around your smartphone’s display, the prettier it becomes. That’s proven in this amazing iPhone 7 concept from DeepMind, which imagines a “fullscreen” device that allows photos, videos, and more to take up the entire front panel of the phone.

At first glance, the handset in this concept looks like any other iPhone, with standard sized bezels around its display, and a physical home button with Touch ID. But those bezels are only virtual, and they have the ability to disappear so users can take their content “fullscreen.”

Pretty incredible, right? Although, I don’t think I would ever want the bezels to appear; I’d want my iPhone to be in fullscreen mode at all times. It looks so much better that way.

In fact, Apple could make big improvements to the iPhone’s design and size by making its bezels smaller. Other manufacturers have been able to pack larger displays into smaller handsets by doing this; for instance, the Galaxy Note 5 has a larger 5.7-inch screen, but is still smaller overall than the iPhone 6s Plus.

It probably isn’t possible to eliminate the bezel entirely just yet, but here’s to hoping Apple takes note of concepts like this one and at least makes them smaller on future devices.