Report claims Apple will launch thinner and faster 13″ and 15″ MacBook Air next year

Early 2015 MacBook Air

A report from Economic Daily News claims that Apple will be giving the MacBook Air lineup its first major facelift next year at WWDC since its introduction eight years ago. Beside being thinner, Apple will be offering the refreshed MacBook Air in 13-inch and 15-inch variants.

The new MacBook Air(s) will feature significantly upgraded components and a slimmer design. Apple is currently in the process of completely redesigning every aspect of the machine, including its chassis, battery modules, cooling modules, and more with its suppliers. The redesigned MacBook Air will come with a higher price tag than the current models due to the improved performance and design.

The report claims that Apple will launch the new MacBook Air in the July-September quarter next year, which means that the laptop will likely be unveiled at WWDC 2016 next year.

Apple currently offers the MacBook Air in 11-inch and 13-inch variants. Surprisingly, the report does not talk about the 11-inch MacBook Air, which hints at the possibility of the 12-inch MacBook superseding it.

With the introduction of the 12-inch MacBook earlier this year and the lack of any meaningful updates to the MacBook Air lineup, it was assumed that Apple would eventually retire the Air lineup. However, if this latest report turns out to be correct, Apple plans on keeping its Air lineup around with updates that will keep it relevant with times.

[Source Economic Daily News, Via MacRumors]