Steve Jobs movie dropped by over 2,000 theaters in U.S. after flopping


The new Steve Jobs movie starring Michael Fassbender has been dropped by more than 2,000 theaters in the U.S. after failing to gain any momentum over the weekend. Earnings declined 69 percent from last weekend to just $823,000, confirming its status as a flop.

Written by Aaron Sorkin and directed by Danny Boyle, there were high expectations for this Steve Jobs movie, which was predicted to do much better than Jobs starring Ashton Kutcher. But it turns out that hasn’t been the case at all; Steve Jobs has been a box office failure so far.

Since making its debut, the movie has earned just over half the $120 million that went into making it and marketing it, according to Box Office Mojo. Less than a million was made this weekend, dashing hopes that the biopic would gain momentum the longer it stayed in theaters.

During its opening weekend, Steve Jobs pulled in just $7.3 million, less than half the $19 million early estimates predicted it would make. In comparison, Spectre, the new James Bond movie, managed to rake in a whopping $73 million.

Now many theaters in the U.S. are giving up on Steve Jobs altogether. The latest figures from Box Office Mojo show that 2,072 have dropped the movie, leaving just 421 still showing it. Ashton Kutcher’s movie was still showing in 502 theaters almost a month after opening.

[via MacRumors]