The iPad Pro gets the teardown treatment

iPad Pro teardown

Apple’s latest and greatest tablet, the iPad Pro, officially went on sale today, November 11. Wasting no time, the crew at iFixit have torn the new machine apart. In the name of science, of course.

With the teardown now underway, the team has already discovered a few key differences in the way the iPad Pro’s internals are laid out when compared to other iPad models. Specifically, the logic board has a different layout now, making the teardown procedure a bit different than in previous instances:

“This isn’t quite what we’re used to! With the logic board situated in the center of the iPad, the display cables connect in the very middle, we can’t even lay the display down while we work… Instead we have to support the weight of the display while taking out a few screws securing the display cable bracket…. Here’s a first in iPad history. We have to remove the logic board EMI shielding to remove the logic board itself.”

iPad Pro teardown3

One of the interesting elements that iFixit notes so far is that the new speaker system and layout in the iPad Pro does come at the sake of battery life, as the crew says, “Premium audio means reduced battery life.” To enforce that notion, the team shows that the speaker boxes take up about half the space as the battery cells. Of course, with the iPad Pro still getting battery life in double digits, while also offering stereo sound, many might not be too dismayed by the finding.

iPad Pro teardown2

The full teardown is still going on, so you can follow along with it, and we’ll update accordingly, through the source link below.

Do you still plan on picking up an iPad Pro, or have you already?

[via iFixit]