Apple already making new Apple TV 5 with big CPU upgrade


Apple has already begun development on next year’s fifth-generation Apple TV, and is now producing the device in small numbers, according to supply chain sources. The set-top box is said to pack a powerful new CPU that will greatly improve performance.

Apple is, for the first time, “adopting a heat-dissipation solution for the set-top box to handle the device’s new CPU,” according to a DigiTimes report. The new chip is expected to “dramatically improve the device’s hardware performance and will add new functions.”

This year’s fourth-generation Apple TV is by far the most exciting to date, finally delivering a dedicated App Store and support for third-party apps and games. This means it’s no longer just a set-top box, but a more versatile entertainment system that could even replace the console for casual gamers.

With a faster processor, Apple can expand on that and take the Apple TV’s capabilities even further. In doing so, it will almost certainly boost sales, and “market watchers” expects shipments to reach 20 million units in 2016, DigiTimes adds.