Apple has reportedly suspended plans to launch its streaming TV service

CBS CEO Les Moonves

Apple has been widely rumored to be working on a streaming TV service, which will offer a package of channels for $30 to $40 per month.

However, CBS CEO Les Moonves now claims that Apple has “pressed the hold button”.

He made these comments at the Business Insider Ignition Conference in New York City earlier today.

Today, Moonves said that Apple and CBS were close to settling on a price point of between $30 and $40 per month for these bundles — Moonves specifically mentioned the price point of $35 multiple times — before Apple decided to pause and reconsider.

Back in October, Moonves had told Bloomberg TV that his company will “probably” finalize a deal with Apple regarding its streaming TV service. During the Code Conference hosted by Re/code in May, Moonves said it was probable that CBS would ink a deal with Apple that would see the company be a launch partner for the streaming TV service.

Apple was widely expected to launch its TV streaming service along with the launch of the new Apple TV, but we had heard reports that it was facing problems negotiating deals with content partners. TV programmers have been reluctant to sign deals with Apple, unlike music companies. Back in October, we had heard that the service was delayed into 2016.

Bloomberg also confirms that based on a person with knowledge of the matter, Apple has suspended its plans to launch a web-based streaming television service and will instead be focussing on being a platform for media companies to sell directly to customers through its App Store.

That is quite disappointing as it would mean that customers wouldn’t be able to buy packages of channels for $30-$40 a month.