Apple launches official $99 Smart Battery case for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6

iPhone 6s Smart Battery case

Surprising almost everyone, Apple today launched its first official battery case for the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6. Dubbed the Smart Battery Case, Apple boasts that it will improve the talk time of the iPhone 6s to up to 25 hours, allow you to browse the internet for 18 hours straight or playback videos for up to 20 hours.

Unlike other third-party battery cases, the Smart Battery case integrates nicely with iOS as well. When connected to the device, the remaining battery percentage of the case itself is shown on the iOS lock screen alongside the battery percentage of the phone. This functionality is not present in any other battery case for the iPhone.iPhone 6s Smart Battery case

The internal of the case features a soft microfibre lining to keep your iPhone free from scratches and dirt. It also features a passthrough at the bottom that give access to the Lightning port that makes it possible to connect other Lightning accessories to the device with the case still plugged in.

From the official pictures, I don’t particularly like the hump that the battery case introduces on the iPhone 6s, and it makes the whole phone look ugly. I am actually surprised that Apple decided to launch a smart battery case for the iPhone that spoils its beautiful design. But at least, by launching this case, Apple does accept that the battery life of the iPhone 6s is inadequate.

The $99 Smart Battery case works with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s, and is available in Charcoal Gray and White color. It is already available for purchase through Apple’s online store. There is no version of the case that works with the iPhone 6 Plus presumably because it already offers an all-day battery life.

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