Facebook is putting an end to photo syncing, prompts users to download photo-sharing app Moments instead

Facebook Moments

Facebook is a company that doesn’t have any issues utilizing standalone features or aspects that had, previously, been available as part of its main app. And the company’s back at it again.

In July of last year, Facebook killed off messaging in its main app, and separated the feature into a standalone app called Messenger. While it didn’t sit well with all of Facebook’s users, the app quickly climbed up to the number one spot in the iOS App Store, where it remains one of the most downloaded apps to date. The social networking giant is apparently confident that another one of its apps, this one focused on photo sharing, will be able to gain the same attention.

It’s called Moments, and Facebook launched it in June of this year. With the app, users can upload their photos to it and then share them privately to a select number of friends and family. Facebook saw it as a way to directly connect a user with those they want to share with, and avoid any of the tricky hassles of posting a private photo to Facebook directly.

It’s been working, apparently, as Moments has been making its way up the rankings ever since its debut, thanks in part to the attention that Facebook has been pushing for the app since its launch earlier this year. And it’s getting an even bigger boost, as reported by TechCrunch, because Facebook is ending photo syncing to its main app, and instead making that feature available only in the Moments app.

Photo syncing allowed Facebook users to take a photo on their phone, and then, in the background, have that photo uploaded to a private folder on their Facebook which they could edit and share as they like at a later time. Moments will work in the same way, but simply exist as a standalone app, rather than be a functioning element of the main app.

According to Facebook’s pop-up notifications for users, photo syncing will be finished as of January 10, 2016. Once that date rolls around, users will be forced to download Moments if they want to use the photo syncing feature, or access the photos that are already stored within the “Synced from Phone” album, where those aforementioned synced photos are stored. If a user installs Moments they’ll have immediate access to all of those photos that have already been synced up to that date.

For those that don’t want to install Moments, Facebook will let you download all of the photos stored in the folder as a zip file directly to their computer.

A link to download and still Moments for iOS is available below for those that want to. Do you plan on installing and using the app?


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[via TechCrunch]