Facebook rolling out support for viewing and sharing Live Photos

Apple Live Photos

Earlier this month, Tumblr updated to bring support for viewing and sharing Live Photos within its iOS app. Now Facebook is getting in on the fun, too.

According to a report published recently by The Verge, Facebook is now in the process of rolling out support, amid further testing, for viewing and sharing Live Photos on iOS-based devices within its app. Facebook’s support for Live Photos has never been in question, but when the social networking giant would get around to supporting the new feature was never confirmed. Looks like the company is at least trying to get support rolled out to many of its users before Christmas kicks in.

The full rollout won’t be completed until sometime in 2016, though.

Facebook and Live Photos GIF

Nothing has changed in terms of support, functionality or availability. Specifically, to take a Live Photo you’ll need to have an iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus. And to view a Live Photo you’ll need to be running the latest version of iOS 9. You don’t need a 6s or 6s Plus to view the Live Photo, or access to 3D Touch for that matter. As long as you’re running iOS 9, you simply long-press on a Live Photo and you’ll see (and hear!) what the original photographer was trying to capture.

You’ll be able to tell a Live Photo apart from a normal photo by the circular icon on the image.

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