How to quickly switch between apps on your Apple TV

The latest Apple TV (Fourth Generation) adds a new layer of functionality and technical abilities thanks to its new Siri-enabled, touch remote and more powerful A8 processor. And with the new remote comes a crop of new features that make it a little easier to navigate inside of the Apple TV ecosystem. One of those additions is the ability to switch between apps using the new Siri remote. 

How to quickly switch between apps on your Apple TV

The latest Apple TV features the Siri remote which brings a lot of functionality from iOS to the Apple TV OS. We are going to use that remote to move between apps and through the Apple TV menu. Gone is the standard silver remote and in comes a sleek black remote with a touchpad. Unlike on the old remote, you do not have to go back to the main menu in order to switch apps. Instead, on the Siri remote, tap the Home button twice in sequence.

Siri Remote - TV

This will bring up the app switcher, just like a double-press of the Home button on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod.

App Swtich - Apple TV

The app switcher will appear with the current application front and center. You can move between apps using the touchpad on the Siri Remote, swiping left or right. Click in on the trackpad to jump into a selected app. If you would like close an app, simply swipe up on the trackpad.

Close App - Apple TV

The gestures for the Siri Remote will be very familiar to anyone that has owned an iOS device. This was a very smart move on Apple’s side, keeping everything within a familiar system while still adding capabilities. With the addition of the App Store, you are likely to have many more applications than you would’ve on older generation devices, making the need for an easy way to switch between much more obvious.

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