iOS 9 adoption slowing as it reaches 71%

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iOS 9 is now running on 71 percent of compatible devices just three months after making its public debut, while iOS 8’s share continues to decline. That’s an impressive stat for a major software upgrade, but iOS 9 adoption is showing signs of slowing down.

Apple’s adoption figures at the end of November showed that iOS 9 was already running on 70 percent of compatible devices, which means it has grown just 1 percent in the last two weeks. But it’s probably not too surprising that momentum is slowing at this stage.

Those who were keen to upgrade to iOS 9 will have done so already, so those still running iOS 8 and earlier are likely sticking with it for a reason — perhaps to maintain their jailbreak, or because older software can sometimes run better on older devices.

But as new iOS 9 updates come with yet more improvements and the odd new feature, that adoption figure will surely rise again. Meanwhile, iOS 8 has lost 1 percent of its share over the past two weeks, leaving it with just 21 percent. Earlier versions of iOS currently hold 8 percent.

iOS 9 adoption Dec 18, 15

Apple is currently testing iOS 9.2.1 ahead of its official debut, and while it’s not a major update with lots of new features, it does bring performance and stability improvements. Recent speed tests show that the software is snappier than previous iOS 9 releases on older iPhones.

Have you upgraded to iOS 9 yet? And if not, why not?