Judge dismisses lawsuit against Apple over undelivered texts to Android devices

iMessage iOS 7

Earlier this year, a case against Apple regarding undelivered text messages from an iOS device to an Android phone was denied access to class-action level, and now the same judge has made a new ruling.

As revealed in a report from Business Insider, U.S. District Judge Lucy H. Koh has finally dismissed [PDF] the lawsuit against Apple that complained that those who had switched from iOS to Android were not receiving text messages from iOS devices after making the switch.

Three plaintiffs continued to press the case forward, despite Judge Koh refusing to grant the lawsuit class-action status, stating that their issue was not a small-scale one. Indeed, Apple, for its part, released a tool in late-November that saw a means to remove their phone number from iMessage after switching to another platform, all in an effort to negate any issues with text message delivery.

Now that Judge Koh has made this ruling, all of the active lawsuits against the Cupertino-based company regarding this particular issue are now closed, so it looks like Apple can finally put it behind them.

Did you ever have any issues with iMessage and undelivered messages?

[via Business Insider]