Tumblr adds support for sharing Live Photos and 3D Touch in latest update

Tumblr iOS app

Tumblr, one of the more popular social networks out there, has recently updated its iOS app to support two of Apple’s newest features.

With the newest update, Tumblr is now at version 5.0. The newest upgrade brings with it support for Apple’s Live Photos, 3D Touch support, as well as a major focus on sharing posts to other Tumblr users. With support for Live Photos, Tumblr for iOS users simply add the Live Photo to their profile through a standard post, just like they would for a non-Live Photo, and it will be made visible to those on hardware/software that supports viewing Live Photos.

For owners of the iPhone 6s/6s Plus, simply press firmly on the display to activate a Live Photo in Tumblr’s app. For devices running the latest version of iOS that aren’t one of the newest iPhones, pressing-and-holding the image will bring the photo to life, along with any audio it caught as well. Devices not running iOS, including other mobile devices and viewing images on Tumblr’s desktop site, will simply see the still image.

3D Touch is also supported, but only in a limited fashion for now. By pressing firmly on the Tumblr app icon, you can start a search from the Home screen.

Here’s the rest of the update, according to the app’s update changelog:

    What’s New in Version 5.0
  • This update has a new feature: Send-a-Post. Message a post to any Tumblr.
  • This feature has a new button: Paper plane. Toss a post with the tap of a button.
  • This button has something extra for you: Messaging. Starting today, it’s out to everyone.
  • Plus: Support for Live Photos and a few early 3D Touches.

Tumblr for iOS is a free download, and a link to the app is available below.