Walmart Pay is here to take on Apple Pay

Walmart Pay

Walmart has resisted Apple Pay since the mobile payments service made its debut last October, and now it is competing with it directly. The retail giant’s new Walmart Pay service uses QR codes that allow shoppers with any iOS device to pay for goods without credit cards or cash.

“Built with the goal of improving how customers check out and dramatically expanding mobile payment access, Walmart Pay is like no other mobile payments solution available today,” reads the retailer’s press release. “With this launch, Walmart becomes the only retailer to offer its own payment solution that works with any iOS or Android device.”

Not only is Walmart Pay compatible with a never-ending list of devices, but it also works with any major credit, debit, pre-paid or Walmart gift cards at any checkout lane. All you need is the Walmart app on your device, and you’re good to go.

When paying for your goods, you simply open up the Walmart app, select the Walmart Pay option, and scan the QR code presented to you at checkout. You don’t need NFC or any other fancy technologies — just a smartphone with a camera.

”The Walmart app was built to make shopping faster and easier,” said Neil Ashe, president and CEO of Walmart Global eCommerce. “Walmart Pay is the latest example – and a powerful addition – of how we are transforming the shopping experience by seamlessly connecting online, mobile and stores for the 140 million customers who shop with us weekly.”

It all sounds pretty impressive, but as noted by 9to5MacWalmart Pay presents shoppers with yet another mobile payment option. The company claims its decision not to adopt Apple Pay or Android Pay was to create a more centralized solution to mobile payments, but with Walmart Pay, that is not what it is doing; it is just throwing yet another service into an already complicated mix.

Nevertheless, if you’re interested in using Walmart Pay on your iPhone, simply update to the latest version of the Walmart app via the App Store. Note that Walmart Pay will only be available in select stores this month, but a nationwide rollout is scheduled for the first half of next year.