75% of compatible iOS devices now on iOS 9

iOS9-Jan-AdoptionWe reported last month that Apple’s latest mobile operating system, iOS 9, was running on 71% of compatible devices. Now, Apple has revealed with its developers that iOS 9 is installed on 75% of iOS devices, which is 4% up from December. Statistics were posted on the Cupertino-based company’s developer page and were measured by the App Store.

As might be expected, as iOS 9 adoption increases, users on older operating systems have declined. Only 19% of users are still on iOS 8 and another 7% are on an even older mobile operating system. Back in November of last year, iOS 9 was running on 70% of devices, then in December it went up 1% and now another 4%.

Adoption for iOS 9 is outpacing iOS 8 by far as only 68% of users updated to iOS 8 during the same time last year. It only reached 77% of devices after six months of being launched. The adoption rate for iOS 9 is on pace with iOS 7 however, which was released in 2013 and had a 79% adoption rate just four months in. Apple noted that iOS 9 was the ‘fastest iOS adoption ever’ when it was installed on more than 50% of devices back in September.

With Apple’s most recent release of iOS 9.3 beta, it should drive the adoption rate even more as it is the biggest update to iOS 9 thus far. It will be introducing a new nighttime viewing mode called Night Shift; improved functionality for the following apps and functionality: 3D Touch, Notes, CarPlay, Weather and Health; and more.

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