Apple has reportedly stopped hiring for Apple Car project

image Apple Car concept4

According to sources of AppleInsider, Apple has put a hiring freeze on the team that is working on the Apple Car. Apparently, Jony Ive “expressed his displeasure” at the progress and direction of the team during his post-holiday review, which ultimately led to a hiring freeze being placed on the team.

This report corroborates with the report that the Wall Street Journal published late last week which stated that Steve Zadesky, who was leading ‘Project Titan’ at Apple, has left the company. Additionally, the report claimed that were was quite a bit of tension in the Apple Car team due to unattainable deadlines and the tremendous amount of pressure on them.

Reports from last September indicated that the Apple Car is now a ‘committed project’ inside the company, with a target ship date of 2019. This will be the first time that Apple is dabbling into the car engineering space, so a target ship date of 2019 — while a few years away from now — is still pretty ambitious. To reach its goal, Apple has hired hundreds of engineers from Tesla, Ford, Fiat, Mercedes and other companies. However, due to manufacturing issues, Apple is reportedly mulling teaming up with BMW for the car.

[Via AppleInsider]