Apple invents self-healing iPhone that fixes itself when you’re not using it

Self-healing iPhone patent

Broken and problematic smartphones could soon be a thing of the past thanks to a new Apple invention that could allow future iPhones to fix themselves when they’re not being used. The technology could address all kinds of issues, including liquid damage, dead pixels, and more.

Originally filed in 2014, Apple’s patent describes all kinds of scenarios in which the iPhone could automatically recover itself after becoming damaged.

The Cupertino company notes, for instance, that one of the worst places to get water is in your iPhone’s speaker. But its new technology could allow the device to automatically emit a special tone to expel some of that when it detects the user is in a loud environment.

Apple also notes that dead pixels can be fixed by a process that takes several hours, and suggests this could be carried out while the iPhone’s owner is asleep and not using their device. Other tests could fix camera and cellular issues, the company describes.

Some of these tests and fixes can already be carried out today, but most require a visit to the Genuis Bar and could leave you without your iPhone for several hours, or even several days. Apple’s new invention allows the iPhone to carry them out by itself, automatically.

It’s easy to see how this technology could have a huge impact on the iPhone’s user experience, then, but sadly, patents are never a guarantee of things to come in future Apple devices. Nevertheless, it’s good to see Apple is at least exploring ways in which it can solve common iPhone issues.

[via Business Insider]