Apple’s March Event to Unveil iPhone 5se, the iPad Air 3 and new Apple Watch bands


Apple is rumored to be hosting a March event where the company is said to unveil new products such as the “iPhone 5se,” the iPad Air 3 and new Apple Watch Bands.

It was mentoned earlier that Apple was said to be hosting a March event to unveil new products but the details remained scarce. Rumors were suggesting that there might be a new Apple Watch 2 in the works but these were quickly shut down. Instead, new information from the folks over at 9to5Mac indicates that there will be a minor Watch update with the introduction of adding a FaceTime Camera or new bands and partnerships similar to that of the relationship between Apple and Hermès.  The previous suggestion of an impending second-generation Apple Watch is now being retracted in favor of pointing towards a new Apple Watch lineup with new bands but no hardware changes.

Apple’s March event could possibly see the debut of the long-rumored and highly anticipated 4-inch iPhone which is going to be called the “iPhone 5se,” to reflect its position as a successor to the iPhone 5s. The device is said to have an iPhone 5s-style exterior with the curved  cover of the iPhone 6. Internally it’s likely to feature an A8 or A9 processor, NFC support for Apple Pay, an 8-megapixel rear camera and the ability to take Live Photos. One thing that this model won’t have is the 3D touch feature, which will remain exclusive to the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus and likely future iteration of the iPhone.

Last but not least, previous rumors were suggesting that we may also see an updated iteration fo the iPad Air at the March event. Based on Apple’s product release history, a new iPad should debt in the spring of 2016, which aligns with the unveiling of a new iPad Air at a March event.

It should be noted that although it isn’t likely that Apple will release an Apple Watch 2 update in early 2016, rumors and information keep suggesting that it is likely in the works. Apple could possibly debut the second-generation Apple Watch this fall alongside the release of the next-generation iPhone which will likely be called the iPhone 7.

As of right now, Apple’s plans for an event in March continue to remain “tentative.” If something doesn’t pan out with their deadlines, there is a possibility that Apple may opt to do an online-only unveiling and announcement for a 4-inch iPhone and new Apple Watch bands as opposed to doing an in-person hosted event. We’ll have to wait and see how everything pans out!

[Via 9to5Mac]