Google’s Chrome iOS app is now faster and crashes less than previous versions

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When you’re using an app, having it crash on you can be a real inconvenience. For anyone that’s used the Chrome iOS app and has suffered this from time-to-time, things are looking better.

Google has just released a brand new update for its iOS Chrome app, which bumps the version number up to 48.0.2564.87. With this update, Google is now using the WKWebView rendering engine, the same one that can be found in Apple’s own Safari browser. With the new rendering engine, Chrome for iOS is now a lot faster, and, even better, according to Google’s own testing it crashes 70 percent less than it did in its previous version.

Chrome iOS crashing

Chrome for iOS now handles JavaScript just as well as Apple’s Safari, too, so the iOS Chrome app just got a big boost in the right direction.

The one caveat here is that you’ll need to have an iPhone or iPad running iOS 9 to get the benefits of this update, as, according to the team behind the update, older iOS versions aren’t “viable” for this particular update.

With news breaking recently that Safari is suffering from its own crashing issues, this is good timing for Google’s Chrome browser, to say the least.

Update: As noted in the comments below, there’s another big change to this update for Chrome: the removal of the “Do Not Track” function within the app. After updating, users are reporting that a pop-up window will show up, which says that Google has removed the feature within this version of the iOS app.

You can download Chrome’s iOS app from the link below if you want to try it out, tracking now included.


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