Here’s how Night Shift toggle will work in iOS 9.3

iOS 9.3 beta 2 was released Monday for developers. This is the second beta version for iOS 9.3 following beta 1 which we covered earlier on. One of the biggest additions to the 9.3 feature set is Night Shift. And in this new beta seed, Apple has added a new toggle to access Night Shift right from Control Center. Let’s check it out. 

Here’s how Night Shift toggle will work in iOS 9.3

Night Shift is already pretty popular among the many users who have downloaded the 9.3 public or developer betas. But that popularity hasn’t been met without it own controversies. The makers of the older and extremely popular jailbreak app, F.lux have recently responded to having their own app blocked from the app store, only to have Apple release an nearly identical offering. Nevertheless, the addition has so far been a success, but accessing it quickly was a missing item.

Before the iOS 9.3 beta 2 seed, you would need to Settings -> Display & Brightness -> Night Shift to enable or disable the feature.

Night Shift - Settings

But in the iOS 9.3 beta 2 seed you can access all that you need with the Night Shift toggle in the Control Center. Just swipe up from the bottom of your screen and you will see the Night Shift icon in the bottom roll, smack dab in the middle (in between the timer and calculator icons).

Night Shift - CC Icon

When you tap on it, a small menu will pop up, asking whether you’d like to Turn ON/OFF For Now or Turn ON/OFF until Tomorrow. This makes it super easy to enable or disable the feature if you don’t need it at the moment.

Night Shift - Toggle ON

You’ll still need to access Night Shift’s setting panel (Settings -> Display & Brightness -> Night Shift) to set the Color Temperature and create a time schedule.

Check out the video below to see it in action:

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