iOS code suggests Apple is working on supporting faster, light-based Li-Fi wireless data

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Wi-Fi has been around for quite some time now, but the future may be focused more on “Li-Fi,” and it looks like Apple is already looking towards that future.

Of course, Wi-Fi isn’t going away anytime soon. But that doesn’t stop technology from moving forward, or companies looking to adopt and embrace new ideas in the future. One of those ideas is known as “Li-Fi,” and it’s an idea that would see the development of even faster transfer speeds, and even easier accessibility throughout a house, business, or wherever else. It means that the lightbulb in your living room can actually work as a data access point, too, with speeds up to 224 gigabits per second.

Li-Fi capabilities

Li-Fi works by transmitting data through a rapidly modulating light source, and is received with a light sensor before being reassembled into an electronic signal.

According to a report published by AppleInsider, and citing information published by Chase Fromm on Twitter, support for Li-Fi is at least present in name and within iOS code. Specifically, as discovered by Fromm, Apple has included mention of “LiFiCapabilit” since the release of iOS 9.1, and it’s been present ever since.

Li-Fi is currently in its experimental phase, but companies like the India-based Velmenni are already working on real-world implementations. Apple’s certainly looking to the future with this, but Li-Fi is a technology that some have called the long-term replacement for Wi-Fi, so the move could be a solid one.

[via AppleInsider; @kyoufujibaya]