New job postings and hires suggest Apple is ramping up its medical technology division


If a handful of new hirings from Apple are anything to go by, the company is putting greater emphasis on improving its health technology division. Since October last year, Apple has hired at least five people with medical research and development experience, with the company posting numerous health technology related job listings in the same month.

The company posted two more job listings in December and January for biomedical engineers that have experience or a background in “medical, health, wellness and/or fitness sensors, devices, and applications.”

In addition to the above, Apple has also poached employees from many software companies in the medical field. This includes Anne Shelchuk from ZONARE Medical Systems; Nathan Clark, a doctorate in biomedical engineering; biomedical engineer Jay Mung from Medtronic; and more.

The job listings and hiring from Apple don’t reveal anything about a particular device that the company is working on, but it does make it clear that Apple is looking to greatly improve the health and medical technology in Apple Watch 2 or its future variants, or even a new health-related accessory for the smartwatch.

Apple is already a leader in the health technology field compared to other smartphone and fitness wearable OEMs. While numerous smartwatches and fitness trackers out there come with a heart rate monitor, the one on the Apple Watch is among the most accurate, and in some cases has even helped in saving the life of its wearer. The smartwatch from Apple is also among the most accurate when it comes to tracking the activities of its wearer.

[Via BuzzFeed]