Periscope Broadcasts Now Embedded Directly Into Tweets


Twitter users on the iOS ecosystem can now see Periscope video feeds embedded in tweets instead of having to swap to the Periscope app according to Twitter’s recent announcement. As of right now, the feature is iOS exclusive with eventual plans to roll out to Android and the Web.

Tweets can now contain both live broadcasts and replays, though as usual, links will cease to be relevant after the relay expires. Users are also given the ability to expand videos to a fullscreen mode while also having the ability to see any comments and hearts that are submitted by other viewers on the same stream. Anyone who wishes to get involved in the stream any further will have to swap to the dedicate Periscope app though.

This particular change should help Twitter grow Periscope as the embedded videos should give Periscope streams a much larger audience (Twitter’s audience) while giving Twitter users another incentive to utilize Periscope to engage with their followers. For those of you who didn’t know, until the recent update, Twitter just posted a URL along with a custom description as opposed to embedding the video in a status update. Aside from opening up the Periscope functionality to a larger audience, the change should also give the video streaming app an edge over its main competitor, Meerkat, which originally beat Twitter/Periscope to the market.

The whole move isn’t too much of a surprise for multiple reasons:

  1. Twitter/Periscope were looking a way to scale the user base.
  2. Apple’s iOS platform is often the first to receive new features presumably because of its uniformity and its popularity.

Are any of you Twitter users going to be leveraging Periscope more now given the changes? Share your thoughts below!

[Via Twitter (blog) (iTunes]