Samsung’s Galaxy S7 rumored to feature ‘Vivid Photo’, a Live Photos-like feature

Apple Live Photos

At some point in the (probably near) future, Samsung is going to announce its next flagship, rumored to be called the Galaxy S7. Turns out another Apple-inspired feature could be making a debut on the handset, too.

According to a report published by Android Geeks, the Galaxy S7 will boast a new feature that could be called “Vivid Photo” (but is also apparently being considered titled “Timeless Photo”), and will work pretty much in the same way that Apple implemented Live Photos. There’s no confirmation of this, of course, as even the device is not official at this point, but the report does cite an unnamed source:

“According to one of our sources the software engineers of the South Korean phone maker are testing a Live Photos-like feature that is supposed to debut with the Galaxy S7 later this year.”

The feature will skip recording ambient sound, though. This means that Samsung will make it possible for those captured photos to be shared as standard GIFs through social media. However, the report does state that Vivid Photo might not be ready by the time Samsung launches the Galaxy S7, and could be a feature that’s added to the device at a later date through a software update.

This actually isn’t the only recent Apple addition that Samsung is rumored to be borrowing for its own upcoming flagship. In December of last year, a report said that Samsung was also working on the Galaxy S7 to feature a 3D Touch-like feature as well.

[via Android Geeks]