The Perfect Jailbroken iPhone – The Zero Page Setup!

The perfect jailbroken setup is back! This is where we basically take several themes and tweaks and compile them into an entire setup to really theme out your device. This time we’re taking on a black and white color scheme and making the entire device as minimalistic as possible.

I know that this isn’t going to be a setup for everyone. A lot of people like the look of stock iOS with maybe just a new theme every once in awhile. This is not that type of setup. This is going to change how you open apps and completely get rid of paging. If you want a detailed walkthrough of how everything is set this up be sure to check out the video below:

Here you’ll see the lock screen, the home screen, and how you access all your apps using the tweak Instalauncher.

Perfect Jailbroken iPhone

The tweaks and themes to achieve this setup are:

Home Screen:

Activator – Needed for Instalauncher

HideMeX – To hide UI elements

InstaLauncher – Access all of your hidden apps

iWidgets – Used to add the LS X widget to your homescreen

ColorBanners – Colorize your notifications

Control Center:

Cistem Aperio – To customize the dim when opening the CC

HideMeX – Hide CC Sections and customize tint

Glyphs CC – Theming the CC toggles, etc.


Messages Customiser Pro – To customize your Messages app

NudeKeys – Custom flat, sleek keyboard

Eclipse 3 – brings dark mode to apps.

Lock Screen:

Priority Hub – brings BlackBerry 10 like Lock screen to iOS.

LockHTML4 – Allows you to add widgets to your lock screen

LS X – (This is the clock widget)

WatchNotifications – brings Apple Watch type notifications on the lock screen

Winterboard – Theming tool that lets you customize the look and feel of your iOS device.


cjGlyphs –

Glyphs – CC

Muze 2 (Settings) – For theming the icons in the Settings app

Once it’s all set up, you’re rockin’ a completely different look on you device! Big shoutout to the reddit user /u/onceuponadude for the idea of this entire setup. I also plan on doing more full setups like this that are a little more conventional and more iOS-esque. So if you want to see more of that be sure to let use know in the comments! And if you have an awesome setup, share it with us down below!

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