Vidyo lets you record iPhone screen without jailbreaking (Update: Removed)

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A new app called ‘Vidyo!’ has made its way to the iOS App Store that allows iPhone and iPad users to screen record the activity on their device. Apple does not allow apps to record the content being displayed on the screen, but this app from Innovative Developers LTD uses a smart workaround to bypass that restriction.

The app’s workaround involves simulating an AirPlay Mirroring connection to itself, which in turn allows it to record the content being displayed on the screen. The workaround allows the app to record any screen activity in iOS, even the ones that occur outside the app.

Up until now, if iPhone or iPad users wanted to do screen recording, their only option was to jailbreak the device and then use one of the many third-party apps from the jailbreaking community. Alternatively, they could simply connect the device to their Mac and then use QuickTime as well.

Using Vidyo is not as simple as tapping a record button though. After opening the app, you need to select your preferred audio input source which includes options like app audio and microphone, and then toggle the Device Screen option. Now, go back to your iOS homescreen, bring up Control Center and select Vidyo as the AirPlay Mirroring source.

The app is capable of recording videos in up to Full HD resolution at 60fps, though it does tend to drop frames during system animations. Once you end a screen recording, the recorded video is saved inside your Photos app.

There is a high probability that Apple will remove Vidyo from the App Store later today. However, until it does so, go ahead and grab the app if you think it fits your use case perfectly.

→ Download: Vidyo ($4.99)

Update: As expected, the app is no longer available for download from the iOS App Store.

[Via MacStories]