Apple had big game presence despite no Super Bowl 50 ad

Super Bowl 50

Despite not producing its own Super Bowl 50 ad, Apple still had a big presence during the big game thanks to its partners. A number of the Cupertino company’s products and services were promoted throughout the show, including Apple Watch, iPhone 6s, and Apple Music.

What’s the point in paying millions of dollars for a Super Bowl commercial when you have plenty of friends to advertise your products for you? That has to be part of Apple’s thinking. Here are some of the products that appeared in Super Bowl 50 ads.

Apple Music

Apple Music in T-Mobile ad

T-Mobile used Apple Music to promote its unlimited streaming plan, which lets customers access a number of services as much as they like without eating into their data allowance. Apple Music is one of those services, and its logo appeared beneath T-Mobile’s “Stream all you want slogan” with a soundtrack from Drake, another Apple pal.

Apple Watch

A new Apple Watch may or may not be right around the corner, but just in case you’ve forgotten about the first one, Hyundai was there to remind you in its own Super Bowl 50 ads.

Hyundai was promoting its smartwatch connectivity features, which lets users control certain aspects of their vehicle from a compatible wearable — such as Apple Watch. In one ad, which features two people being chased through the woods by a bear, an Apple Watch is used to remotely start their car using only a voice command.


Given Beats‘ popularity among celebs and sports stars, it’s no surprise that the Apple-owned headphone maker had its own Super Bowl.

Featuring NFL MVP Cam Newton of the Carolina Panthers, who wears a pair of Powerbeats Wireless 2 headphones, the ad depicts “Cam’s prayer” before the big game. The ad also features Evol, the new album from Future, which is exclusively available through Apple Music.


Another car manufacture on Apple’s side during the Super Bowl was Kia, which used CarPlay and Christopher Walken to show off its new Kia Optima.

CarPlay in Kia Optima ad

iPhone 6s

Apple’s biggest product, iPhone 6s, was shown off by Arnold Schwarzenegger in an ad for Mobile Strike, a free-to-play iOS game from Machine Zone. The device is also shown in thumbnail image used on YouTube, which you can see below.

iPhone 6s used in Mobile Strike ad

Although it didn’t shell out for its own Super Bowl commercial, it has had iconic Super Bowl commercials in the past. Its most famous, of course, is “1984,” which was used to promote the original Macintosh. That was followed by “Lemmings” a year later, which was controversial for its depiction of IBM users walking off a cliff one after another.

Apple did contribute $2 million to help finance the Super Bowl Host Committee this year, according to AppleInsiderand other Silicon Valley tech giants chipped in, too. The game was help in Santa Clara, California, which isn’t far from Apple’s HQ.

Apple CEO Tim Cook also attended the game, and posted the photo below on Twitter.

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