Apple releases minor software update for Apple TV 3

Apple TV

With the launch of the fourth-generation Apple TV, much of the attention has gone to that set-top box and its tvOS software.

However, Apple hasn’t completely forgotten about the third-generation box, it seems. The company has released a minor software update for the Apple TV 3 which, technically, keeps the iOS 8.4.1 software version, but the build number has been updated. This means that, more than likely, there won’t be any major user-facing changes or additions, but that the software was released to address some performance tweaks, bug issues, and other behind-the-scenes adjustments.

The update should be available now for those who still own the third-generation Apple TV. If you do notice anything new within the software, let us know in the comments below.

Did you keep the third-gen Apple TV, or upgrade to the Apple TV 4?