Department of Justice files motion to make Apple comply with FBI’s iPhone backdoor order

image iPhone Stormtrooper security

Earlier this week, a judge ordered Apple to help the Federal Bureau of Investigation unlock an iPhone 5c. Apple aims to fight that order.

However, the Department of Justice is now stepping in, according to a report published by CNBC. The report states that the DoJ has filed a motion to “compel” Apple to assist investigators in ascertaining information from a locked iPhone 5c, which was used by one of the shooters in the event that took place in San Bernardino, California last year.

The FBI has asserted that this one request will only be used in this specific instance, but that belief is not shared by just about anyone else. Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, has come forward to denounce the FBI’s request and the court’s order, saying that the privacy and security of its users, and people in general, is paramount. Moreover, that this court case, and ruling, will set a precedence that will have lasting ramifications moving forward.

This is a statement that Google’s CEO, Facebook, Twitter, and other companies and executives have echoed.

There is a fear that this case will also mean Apple will have to make a “backdoor” into its software for future releases. As it stands, for Apple to get into the iPhone 5c, it would effectively have to make a new version of iOS that is accessible. The court magistrate that put the initial order on Apple has said that the Cupertino-based company only has so many days to make this happen. Apple has been given extension, another five days to respond, to which Apple is expected to fight against the order.

[via CNBC]