Flame brings export capability, customization options and more to Cydia


Ever since Cydia was updated to run as mobile rather than root, a large number of jailbreak tweaks have been released to add new features to Cydia and give it a new look. Flame is the latest addition to the group that promises to enhance Cydia.

The tweak brings a bunch of great new features missing from Cydia to make it easier for users to perform various tasks along with improving the user experience. Following are the new functionality that Flame offers:

  • Export a list of your installed Cydia tweaks and sources
  • Set a timeout duration to shorten Cydia’s refresh time especially for sources that take ages to refresh
  • Add multiple sources to Cydia at once by copying them to your clipboard
  • Automatically resprings, reboots or returns to Cydia after a tweak has been installed, removed etc.
  • Brings Pull to Refresh feature to Sources and Changes tab
  • Tap and hold on a Cydia source to copy its URL
  • Share package information from its details/depiction page
  • Auto-redirect to HTTPS wherever possible when adding a new source
  • Prevent Cydia from automatically refreshing the Changes tab when you launch it
  • Set the default page to open to when launching Cydia
  • Bunch of options for customizing Cydia’s interface

Once installed, you can get started by heading to the tweak’s preferences pane in Settings. From there, you can enable or disable each of the features that it provides along with configuring them. You can set the timeout duration, customize Cydia’s interface, choose the default tab in Cydia and much more.


To export a list of your Cydia sources and installed tweaks, go to the Installed tab in Cydia and you’ll find a new folder icon in the top left corner. Tap on it and choose the content that you’d like to export. Once the list has been generated, you can then email it to yourself.


Likewise, you can share information about a particular Cydia package by opening its depiction or details page and tapping on the share icon in the top right corner.

Flame is an all-in-one package that enhances Cydia and provides new features that a normal user would need. If you’re interested to give it a try, it is available for free on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. Make sure to let us know what you think about it in the comments section.

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