‘iPhone SE’ has its rumored design compared in new renders

iPhone SE render comparison2

Rumors have swirled around the next 4-inch iPhone from Apple, what is now supposedly called the “iPhone SE,” and now renders have surfaced that compare what it might look like.

Recently, design drawings of the expected handset from Apple surfaced, showing a device that, while having similarities to the iPhone 6, bears a striking resemblance, physically, to the iPhone 5s. Soon after, new renders surfaced that showed a handset that simply looked like a smaller iPhone 6, with curved edges and obvious antenna bands.

While the consensus seems to be that the iPhone SE will have a 4-inch display, what it will look like, exactly, is still up in the air. Now, thanks to Martin Hajek, who has created new renders of all the rumors and leaks, shows just what those devices might look like, if Apple goes with anything similar to what has been conceptualized here.

iPhone SE render comparison

There’s a common belief that the iPhone SE will have similar dimensions to the iPhone 5s, and that it could possibly be able to share cases with the older device, but that the display will have a gentle curve to it, like the iPhone 6. The Power button is said to stay on the top of the device, too, which makes sense with the smaller screen real estate. Rumors suggest the the iPhone SE will adopt a 12-megapixel camera, and some renders indicate a protrusion on the back, just like the iPhone 6.

It will be interesting to see what Apple goes with for the design of the iPhone SE, if the phone exists, of course. As far as internals go, the iPhone SE is said to feature an A9 processor and an M9 co-processor, NFC support for Apple Pay, and Touch ID.

[via MacRumors; Martin Hajek]