Jailbreak Tweak Meteor is now available in Cydia, adds weather information to Status bar and Weather app icon


Just a few days ago, we covered an article on an upcoming jailbreak tweak known as Meteor that adds live weather information to Status bar and the Weather app icon. If you’ve been waiting for it eagerly then the good news is that it is now available on Cydia for purchase.

The tweak adds a new icon to the Status bar that displays the current temperate of your location. It is refreshed regularly in the background to keep you updated on the weather temperature. In addition, the tweak adds live weather information and temperature to the Weather app icon on the Home screen.

Here’s a list of features that Meteor provides:

• Live weather details in weather application icon, with animated transition between temperature and condition changes.
• Replace weather application icon text with current condition.
• Enable/Disable custom icon or status-bar icons (or both).
• Temperature status-bar icon with optional temperature unit display.
• Weather condition glyph status-bar icon.
• Customize status-bar icon positions (left/right).
• Customizable refresh delay.
• Ability to use local weather (this requires that the Weather app is able to access location services).
• Celsius and Fahrenheit support.

As for the effect on the battery life, the developer claims that it is very minimal. Based on his tests, the battery drained 4-5% over an interval of 8 hours with the refresh rate set to 30 minutes. Ofcourse if you choose a higher refresh rate then the effect on the battery will be more.

Meteor is available for $1.99 on Cydia’s BigBoss repo and supports iOS 9 devices. Let us know what you think about the tweak in the comments section.